13 Signs You May Need Supervision When Using QuickBooks

by Stephanie G. Travis

I bristle when business owners look to QuickBooks as a surrogate accountant. It’s software. Nothing more.

Paradoxically, Intuit’s marketing strategy of implying that anyone – no matter their accounting acumen – can purchase and successfully use… Continue reading

Tips & Tricks for QuickBooks

There are hundreds of tips and tricks for QuickBooks, but here are a few:

You can set a floating decimal in the Edit/Preferences/General/My Preferences. When “Automatically place decimal point” is selected, QB will automatically place a decimal in any number… Continue reading

How To Hire a Bookkeeper

Those who describe themselves as bookkeepers fall between two extremes – from secretaries with data entry skills to professionals with degrees and years of experience. There is no regulatory body that oversees the bookkeeping profession, so anyone can say they… Continue reading

Six Reasons Why Your Bank Statement Doesn’t Reconcile In QuickBooks and How to Find All of Them

There are several reasons why a monthly bank statement in QuickBooks (QB) does not reconcile to zero.  And, there are also tricks to find these problems.

Errors Causing Your Bank Statement Not To Balance

  1. A previously reconciled item (deposit,… Continue reading