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50 Reasons Why I Love Owning My Business

  1. I wake up without an alarm clock.
  2. I get all the glory and all the blame. It’s simpler this way.
  3. I can work from home.
  4. I have pride in my company.
  5. I can take 2 hours for lunch.
  6. When my Mom calls, I can talk to her.
  7. I can do personal errands when the streets and stores are not busy.
  8. I can go to a movie matinee.
  9. I can treat employees the way I wanted to be treated when I was an employee.
  10. I can bring my dog to the office.
  11. I can make personal phone calls.
  12. I can pay my personal bills anytime I want to.
  13. I can eat at my desk any time I want to.
  14. I can leave the office and not tell anyone where I’m going.
  15. I don’t have to work with people who aren’t nice.
  16. I can set the dress code.
  17. I can start a new business venture and still keep my job.
  18. I can work in and learn about computers, marketing, sales, cash flow management, and taxes without these being my core competency.
  19. I get to decide when a client becomes a personal friend.
  20. I can go to as many or as few training seminars as I choose.
  21. It’s a great way to self-discovery.
  22. I can buy a new computer when I need one.
  23. I am not required to take a vacation.
  24. I can ban junk food from the break room.
  25. I can go paperless.
  26. When I’m blessed with a new client, my income increases.
  27. I’m not paid by the hour, I’m paid by the result.
  28. It doesn’t matter when I get into the office in the morning.
  29. I can design my business card.
  30. I’m emotionally connected to my work.
  31. I get to decide the mission, values and vision for the company.
  32. When I want to spend money, I don’t need anyone else’s permission.
  33. I get to choose how I do my work.
  34. I don’t have to drive during rush hour.
  35. I can take a nap in my office.
  36. My opinion counts.
  37. I can save work for at a time in the day when I’m at my physical best.
  38. I don’t dread Mondays.
  39. I can create new challenges.
  40.  I have time to eat healthy.
  41. There are no limits.
  42. I can work from almost anywhere.
  43. The customer is not always right.
  44. I can foster my creative side.
  45. Stress becomes a teacher, not a captor, because I have more control over what causes the stress.
  46. I can create jobs.
  47. I have control over my company’s ethics.
  48. I control my company’s office culture and decide what’s acceptable behavior.
  49. I control the thermostat.
  50. I can try new ideas.